Customer Satisfaction with Every Electric Lift Truck

If you’re in the market for a forklift, a growing number of equipment companies have started replacing internal combustion engine forklifts with modern electric-powered lift trucks.

Over the past decade, electric battery-powered forklifts have taken over the lift truck market. Recent advancements in both lithium-ion battery and electric motor technologies have given these vehicles an edge over their conventional counterparts.

Today, electric lift trucks account for 64% of the American market according to the Industrial Truck Association.

Are you searching for an equipment trader selling electronic lift trucks? If so, Value Forklifts guarantees customer satisfaction with every purchase. Here’s why. 

Why You’ll Be Happy With Your Electric Forklifts

Electric-powered forklift trucks are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for warehouses and distribution centers.

But why have they grown so popular in recent years? Let’s discuss some of the reasons why electric forklift owners are satisfied with their purchase.

#1 Long-Lasting Battery Power

In the early days of battery-powered forklifts, the technology simply wasn’t where it needed to be in terms of battery life. With older models, the battery drained rapidly, experienced reduced power delivery as the charge drained, and then took a considerable amount of time to refill.

But the days of needing to interrupt work to charge an electric forklift are over. Battery technology and power conservation have been significantly improved. As Supply Chain Drive notes:

“The adoption rate has accelerated because now electric trucks have the same or better performance and longer run times. The charger technology has advanced enough so multiple shifts can be run without having to change batteries.”

For instance, at Value Forklifts, one of our top models, the 2018 Yale ERP-VGL is a lithium-ion powered counterbalanced truck that offers:

  • Long battery life
  • Consistent power delivery
  • Zero battery maintenance requirements
  • Full charge in just an hour

#2 Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Customers who opt for an electric lift truck tend to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership over the long-term. While electric lift trucks often require a higher initial investment cost, they can save you money thanks to factors like:

  • Longer average vehicle lifespan
  • No fuel costs
  • Minimal part replacement expenses

Because these trucks have fewer mechanical components they tend to be easier to maintain. Also, there’s no need for fluid refills for coolants or engine oils.

All in all, electric forklifts provide more bang for your buck. At Value Forklift, we’re a certified equipment trader with a forklift certification, and we’re here to help you find a like-new high-quality electric forklift for a fraction of its original sticker price. 

#3 Environmentally Conscious

In today’s climate, sustainability is a big deal. Your business may even be beholden to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) influences.

If you want to go green, electric-powered forklifts can significantly reduce your total carbon footprint.

Seeing as they’re zero-emission vehicles, you can get the job done and do so in a more sustainable manner.  And it’s not just the planet that benefits, but workers too. There are no tailpipe exhaust fumes, which makes them safer for operators and those working nearby. 

#4 More Capable Vehicles

Electric-powered technology has made these vehicles more effective and capable than their gas-powered counterparts. Common improvements include:

  • Greater maneuverability
  • Tighter turning radius
  • Increased visibility, particularly rear visibility
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Top-notch ergonomic controls

Put simply, newer electric forklifts are designed for the future—made to move easily in tight spaces like warehouse aisles.

Value Forklifts—Electric Forklifts for Trade or Sale

Electric forklifts are the future of warehouse operations. They provide a long-lasting charge, a lower total cost of ownership, improved sustainability, and greater forklift operational capabilities.

At Value Forklifts, we offer an array of reconditioned, high-quality, low-cost, electric-powered forklifts from leading brands. And our promise to customers is this—customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every electric lift truck sale 

Shop our catalog today.

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