Reach Truck vs. Order Picker

What’s the difference between a reach truck vs. order picker? Read our guide to discover which forklift is better for your business.

How to Operate a Reach Truck

Do you know how to safely operate a reach truck? Read on as we cover the basics.

Common Types of Warehouse Equipment

A warehouse is a living organism, it moves and breathes, alive with the hustle and bustle of people receiving, stocki...

What to Know Before Buying an Electric Forklift

Regardless of the industry you're in, using the correct equipment has a major impact on the safety of your workplace....

Forklift Capacity Chart

Understanding a forklift's maximum load capacity is important for maintaining a safe workplace. Exceeding a forklift'...

Do I Need a Sit-Down or Stand-Up Forklift?

Forklifts are available in a myriad of types and sizes, offering an array of various capabilities. Using the correct piece of equipment has a major impact on the safety of your workplace. Learn how to select between sit-down and stand-up forklifts based on your unique needs.

What Kind of Forklift Do I Need?

Forklifts are an indispensable component in a variety of industries and applications. It is integral for moving and lifting heavy loads or accessing otherwise inaccessible heights. Learn about the function and application of hi-reach forklifts, order picker forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts, and reach forklifts so you can choose the right product for your unique needs. 
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