What Kind of Forklift Do I Need?

Forklifts are indispensable components in a variety of industries and applications. They are integral for moving and lifting heavy loads or reaching otherwise inaccessible heights. Learn about the differences in function and application of hi-reach forklifts, order picker forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts, and reach forklifts so you can choose the right product for your unique needs. 

    Hi-Reach Forklift

    This type of forklift, also known as a telehandler forklift, is designed to efficiently and safely life and retrieve loads in extreme heights up to 60 feet. They are commonly used in agricultural, industrial, construction, and warehouse applications due to their maneuverability and lifting capabilities. It is also ideal for companies that desire to maximize vertical storage with extended racking since this electric forklift can lift and retrieve pallets and assets from extreme heights.

    Order Picker Forklift 

    An order picker forklift is designed to take a forklift operator up to a rack with or without a load. It is commonly used in applications that require the operator to be at the same level as the inventory. As a result, order picker forklifts can boost efficiency, especially when used to pick inventory in a specific order. It is ideal for operations that need to remove individual items from shelving such as warehouses and distributions centers that focus on order fulfillment applications.

    Narrow Aisle Forklift

    narrow aisle forklift is ideal for warehouses and workspaces where aisles are less than 10.5 ft. wide. Its narrow shape and ability to maneuver around tight workspaces enable forklift operators to safely retrieve and store pallets. They are also commonly referred to as dock stackers because they are often used in applications that require moving pallet loads from dock areas to storage racks. 

    Reach Forklift

    On the other hand, reach forklifts or reach trucks, are used mainly for indoor work and are ideal for warehouse application. It has two distinctive outer legs that distribute load weight to prevent it from tipping. Its structure and heavy electric batteries negate a need for a counterbalance. The main advantage of a reach forklift is that it can extend its forks beyond the compartment and effectively reach into warehouse racks. Furthermore, operators benefit from its open compartment because it enhances visibility.

    Choosing the Right Forklift

    Having trouble deciding which forklift you need? Contact us to speak with an fork lift expert to help guide your decision-making. We do not propose forklifts until we have asked you questions about how you are using them and how you are doing it now. Our team with several decades of fleet management experience can help you choose the best lift for your specific application, whether you need one for an hour a week or a dozen for a two-shift operation.

    Save With Value Forklifts

    With over 20 years of industry experience, we sell a variety of used reconditioned forklifts and maintenance vehicles that helps clients optimize product movement and storage. Our products are sold at a lower cost and are completely serviced and ready for use the moment they are received. Contact us to learn more! We also offer financing opportunities!

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