Watering Your Forklift Battery

Watering your forklift is crucial for proper battery function in electric forklifts. There are many different methods for watering forklift batteries to help them run efficiently. Learn different watering methods and discover how to water them properly. If you have any further questions, please contact our helpful experts.

The Importance of Watering Your Forklift Battery

Most modern electric forklifts run on lead-acid batteries. In these kinds of batteries, water fills the individual cells to ensure a functional mix of the chemicals and electrolytes. If water levels dip too low in your forklift battery, it can cause damage. Improper water levels can lower battery life, decreasing your forklift’s effectiveness while increasing maintenance costs.

How and When to Water a Forklift Battery

It's important to water each cell in each battery to the top of the lead-acid plates. These plates are visible in each cell and usually 2.5 inches below the cell cap. Over-watering will lead to unwanted problems in your forklift. Improper water levels can lower battery life and reduce the cycle time between charges. This will also lead to a decrease in your forklift’s effectiveness while increasing maintenance costs.

We recommend watering your forklift battery after charging. Unless the metal plates of the individual cells are exposed, watering before charging can cause overflows and electrolyte imbalance. If the plates are exposed, top the battery enough to cover them, recharge, and then complete regular watering after charging.

Make sure to use pure (distilled) water to avoid electrolyte imbalances that can damage the battery. And you should use a single-point watering system, if available. They save you time and help make sure water levels are appropriate in all battery cells.

Forklift Watering Systems

The most common forklift watering system is a Gravity Feed System. This forklift watering system features a large water tank that you lift into the air. The tank has a hose that it takes from one cell to the next to properly fill them. This method may require a flashlight to see the level of water in each cell.

The second most common system is a Battery Watering System. This method is when you hook your battery up to a hose-like device that attaches to each cell and properly fills each cell. After this, it automatically shuts off when each cell is properly filled. These two systems offer the most convenience and fill accuracy.

The last watering system is the Watering Gun Method. This method involves hooking a battery watering gun attachment to a hose and manually filling each cell to the proper level. As with the Gravity Feed System, you will need to be able to see the level of water in each cell.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact our forklift experts to learn more about forklift watering systems. We have decades of industry experience that can help you determine the best fit for your unique needs. At Value Forklifts, we sell reconditioned forklifts that are affordable and ready for use. Ask us about our financing opportunities!

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