How to Choose the Right Pallet Jack for Your Warehouse

How to Choose the Right Pallet Jack for Your Warehouse

At Value Forklifts, we don’t only offer high-quality warehouse equipment at low costs. We also offer guidance and support thanks to our decades of industry experience. That’s why our expert team is great to connect with when you must determine the right pallet jack or stacker for your warehouse.

Manual vs. Electric Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are essential pieces of warehouse equipment used to move heavy items. Manual pallet jacks require manual force, while electric ones have an added advantage due to their motorized components.

Electric pallet jacks offer improved control and provide better maneuverability compared to the manual ones. They help reduce double handling and can extend far from the head of the forklifts, leading to a more comfortable ride for the operators.

Plus, the presence of motors in electric jacks also helps prevent basic safety risks that are associated with manual pallet jacking. They often include special features such as handle grips and increased speed, which all work together to provide a safe, efficient solution for today’s warehouses.

Investing in an electric pallet jack from Value Forklifts will improve efficiency and avoid common workplace injuries, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to lead your business forward.

What Size Pallet Jack Do I Need?

The standard size of a pallet jack is 27″ wide by 48″ long, since this shape fits most standard 48”x40” pallets. We typically offer pallets of this size because they are much cheaper than other shapes and sizes.

If your application needs it, we may be able to offer pallet jacks that meet special requirements. However, keep in mind that unique jacks often cost more than the standard ones.

Mind the Manufacturer

Customers come to us every day seeking replacement for their pallet jacks which have quickly become unusable due to poor quality. Avoid this costly mistake by using Value Forklifts for your warehouse equipment needs.

We only offer top-quality warehouse vehicles from trusted, reliable manufacturers. This way, you don’t have to worry about the lifetime of your equipment!

What to Expect from Our Pallet Jacks

Our pallet jacks come in a range of sizes and options, designed to reduce lead time, avoid double drops, and extend the head to prevent damage and provide a comfortable handle.

Plus, with several special features like improved steering, extended handles, and never-flat tires, you’re sure to find a solution that’s perfect for your needs.

So, don’t wait – upgrade your warehouse today with a pallet jack that’s ready to lead the way. Order a pallet jack now or contact us for more options!

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