New Forklift vs Used: Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift

New Forklift vs Used: Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift

When it comes to purchasing a forklift for your business, you have two main options: buying a new forklift or a used one. While purchasing brand new may seem like the best choice, buying a used forklift can actually be the smarter and more cost-effective option for many businesses. In this Value Forklifts blog, we’ll explore the reasons why you should consider buying used instead of a new forklift.

New Forklift vs Used: Lower Cost

The main advantage of a used forklift is the lower cost. Used forklifts can cost significantly less than new ones, often up to 50% less. This means that you can get a high-quality, reliable forklift for a fraction of the cost of a new one, which can be a huge benefit for businesses on a tight budget. We offer countless models of affordable used forklifts in our catalog.


Just like with cars, new forklifts can depreciate rapidly in their first few years of use. This means that if you buy a new forklift, you could potentially lose thousands of dollars in value as soon as you start using it. By purchasing a used forklift, you can avoid this initial depreciation and potentially sell it for a similar price to what you paid for it.

Maintenance Costs

Another benefit of buying a used forklift is that you may be able to save on maintenance costs. While newer models come with a warranty, once that warranty expires, any maintenance and repair costs will be your responsibility. Used forklifts, on the other hand, may have already had major repairs done. Maintenance costs should be shown in the purchase price.

New Forklift vs Used: Proven Reliability

Many used forklifts have already proven their reliability and durability in real-world working environments. This means that you can be confident that the one you’re buying will be able to handle the workload and tasks required of it. You can also research the model and brand to see what kind of reviews and ratings it has received from other businesses, which can give you further confidence in your purchase.


Finally, buying a used forklift can offer more flexibility in terms of customization and configuration. With a new one, you’re limited to the features that are available from the manufacturer. When buying used, you may be able to find one that has already been customized to suit your specific needs or that can be modified more easily than a new one.

Buy Used, Not New from Value Forklifts

While buying a new forklift may seem like the best option, buying used can offer numerous benefits, including lower cost, depreciation, potential maintenance savings, proven reliability, and flexibility. 

At Value Forklifts, we have an array of high-quality, low-cost forklifts from the world’s top brands. Want to learn more about our forklifts? Contact us to learn more.

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