Solid Press On Airless Forklift Tires 16x7x10.5



Industrial R1 Solid Airless Press-On Forklift Tires – 16x7x1012 (16x7x10-1/2) 16x7x10.5

A full line of solid rubber and non-marking rubber tires are designed to meet multiple industrial forklift tire applications and other Industrial Warehouse Applications.

Move it On Industrial

  • Best design to optimize traction, stability and wear
  • Best compounding for optimal low-rolling resistance, shock absorption and tire life
  • Best overall performance and lowest cost of ownership Industrial is Best in Class
  • Smooth or Traction – Universal or Non-marking

    Other series and sizes available on request, please call 855-651-6070

    Additional information

    Compound Type:

    Non-Marking, Universal


    Smooth (Recommended), Traction


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